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Seniors on the Move: Traveling in Your Golden Years
As baby boomers reach middle and retirement age, more people are concerned about traveling with seniors. Many want to take vacations and trips and enjoy their golden years, so this book helps seniors and their caretakers prepare for a fabulous trip. It says that seniors should check with their doctors before setting foot on a plane (for example, those on oxygen will find that the airlines don’t want oxygen tanks on the planes). The book also talks about how to travel and stay on medication, as well as making sure your mode of transport is wheelchair accessible if need be. This article summarizes the book, and says that with more and more people traveling, and more seniors on the move, you can make a trip hassle-free and fun!

Resources for the Elderly: A Web Hub
This site provides a caregivers library for those caring for elderly parents or patients. There are resources included, plus a section on caregiving and coping that will help you prevent caregiver burnout and offer support group resources for caregivers. A senior health section gives information on topics such as Alzheimer’s warning signs, allergy health, Alzheimer’s diagnosis, arthritis, diabetes, senior exercise tips, senior eye care, colon cancer, forgetfulness, kidney failure and other common health ailments that senior citizens experience. A great site with plenty of information about end of life care and other senior support services.

Senior Care: Assisted Living and Caring for Seniors at Home
Are you caring for an elderly patient or parent? This site has everything you need to make sure that your home has everything that a senior citizen needs, or that you choose the right assisted living center for your loved one. With so many choices, this site puts it all into perspective so caregivers can help their patients or parents decide which long-term care option is best for them. Sections on long-term care, assisted living, nursing homes, and caring for seniors at home are included with helpful tips and tricks.

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