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10 Fire Safety Tips from the Township of Edison, New Jersey
Fire is a very devastating tragedy that can happen to your home. To reduce the risk of house fire, the fire disiion of the Township of Edison, NJ offers these 10 fire safety tips. According to the township's website, you should install smoke alarms on every level of your home, test them every month, and replace the batteries every year. You also need to plan your escape route in advance so you can get out fast, and all family members should know what to do in case of fire.. These are the most important tips; others include keeping an eye on smokers, kitchen safety, space heawters, use of electric appliances, how to cool burns, crawling under smoke, and what to do if your clothes catch fire. The website also has a page on smoke detector guidelines, carbon monoxide alarms, and what causes fire.

Get Ceramic Fire Pot Safety Instructions Here
If you aren't clear about how to use a fire pot, the instructions provided here for a Green Earth Model are a great place to start. Find out the proper procedure for lighting the firepot and extinguishing the flame when you are done. Ceramic fire pots require special care due to their fragile nature, so be sure to pay attention to this portion of the site. You will also find a handy list of safety tips for firepots posted on the site.

Barcodes and Security Gates Discussion
What do you think about barcodes being distributed to residents of a gated community so they can access the community through the security gate? Read others' take on this question and share your opinion on this interesting topic.

Tornado and Thunderstorm Safety Tips
Thunder storms are not uncommon, but how much do you know about the safety hazards they present? Find out how to stay safe during this type of weather event inside and outside the home. Prevention is the main consideration when thinking about staying safe during storms, and you can find out how to avoid being caught off guard by the weather. Find out what the 30/30 rule is for counting the seconds between lightning strikes to determine how close the storm is. Whether you are hiking, playing golf, swimming or on the water, you will find helpful information posted here.

Guard Dog Training & Selection
Guard dog training must always be carried out by a professional who has extensive experience and is well-qualified. There are a number of factors to consider with regard to guard dog training. The first of these is the kind of breeds that can be trained to be guard dogs. Breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans and Belgian Malinois make the best guard dogs. Moreover, dogs need to be trained in ways that allow the owner to have complete control over them. Simply training your dog to attack or bite is not enough. Obedience is a key factor. Finally, it is not enough to train your dog and leave him/her be. Guard dogs need to practice their training frequently, in order to retain their skills. It is the responsibility of the owner or professional to create training scenarios for the dog to practice.

Mobile Home Safety by AARP
AARP's motorcycle and mobile home insurance division provides mobile home fire safety tips on its website. A mobile home owner must be even more vigilant against fires than a house owner. That's because when mobile homes catch on fire--they tend to be total losses due to the smaller nature of the structure. To guard against fires, mobile home owners should have their furnaces inspected at least once a year. You should also clean the blower and filters often to prevent overheating. Keep the furnace area clear of clutter--don't use it as a storage area. And never use your furnace as a clothes dryer. Mobile home owners should avoid using space heaters if at all possible. Keep space heaters away from drapes, clothing, bedding and other places they might come into contact with flammable materials. Also equip your mobile home with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and keep your mobile home clearly marked so emergency personnel can find it in case of an emergency.

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