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Want to Learn About Roof Repair? Ask the Builder Can Help!
Get expert roof repair advice from Tim Carter. He explains how even a small leak has the potential to cause severe damage to a home. This article goes on to address what types of roof repair projects can reasonably be attempted by a homeowner. Carter also provides suggestions to consumers who are considering doing the work themselves.

A Three Drawer Workbench in Your Garage? Options for this Space
A workbench in your garage is an important feature. You need a space where you can work on your projects comfortably. Check out examples of basic table styles, as well as a three drawer workbench that gives you more storage as well as a flat surface. If you are an experienced Do It Yourself (DIY) person, you may want to install a power strip workbench for the ultimate in convenience. This site also includes workbench building kits and workbench plans.

Designing a Patio Around a Fire Pit
If you like to get information about home improvement projects in words and pictures, check out the DIY Network's pages on building a backyard patio with pavers and building a backyard fire pit. Not only do you get step-by-step instructions to follow, but you can see at a glance how much time the project will take. The total cost and estimated degree of difficulty are also included, so DIY-ers have the information they need to decide whether to tackle one of these fire pit projects.

Find Out How Electric Outdoor Fireplaces Evolved
Electronic outdoor fireplaces have become a popular choice for modern homeowners. This article explains how they evolved from being a source of light and heat inside the home to become a decorative feature that has a place inside and outside the home. It also covers different fuel sources for fireplaces and mentions choices available to modern consumers, including electric outdoor fireplaces and traditional wood-burning models.

National Association of Homebuilders Offers Up Tips on Home Remodeling
Here's a great resource for homeowners considering a remodeling project. With links to construction management tools, building forecasts, and building professionals in your area, you can feel confident in beginning your project. The National Association of Homebuilders offers builders and consumers detailed information, with online directories to assist you in financing your building project, choosing a builder, building with the environment in mind, and links to DIY and HGTV programming. You can also sign up for a free newsletter that offers its readers tips on products, designs and ideas for the home.

To Remodel or to Move? That is the Question
Here's a site that details the yin and the yang when it comes to choosing between remodeling or moving. is the ultimate resource when you are struggling with a decision on how to most effectively spend your housing dollar. Spend a few minutes with an online quiz, and the site will calculate the best choice for you—or, take the time to read the articles advocating each scenario and see which seems to best model your situation. You can also order a copy of Remodel Or Move? by author and site founder Dan Fritschen. There's even a forum for people who just want to talk it out with someone. Or, at least get someone to back them up when they have to sell their decision to the spouse!

Absolute Remodeling Offers Top Tips on Construction and Renovation Projects
This web site is a great collection of article all about remodeling, organized by project—for example, if you're looking into building a new kitchen, there's a link to the latest and greatest in kitchen architecture and design. Looking for the latest trends in bedroom design? Read up on the latest trends in bedroom "morning" bars. There's even tips on those not-so-fun topics, such as property taxes and the difficult choice between moving or remodeling. The site also offers a great e-newsletter that'll bring the tips to your in-box, meaning you won't have to go looking for them! Can Help You Find a Remodeling Contractor Right for You
If you're thinking about remodeling a bathroom and don't know where to start, is a comprehensive resource—the site includes access to licensed and prescreened contractors in all 50 states and the ability to obtain a free quote for your construction project. And if you're having trouble picturing that new bathroom, there are great links to a library of ideas an a photo gallery. The site's editors also have articles online to guide you through the process, including tips on how to work with contractors, and how to maintain that great looking bathroom once the project is complete.

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