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Are Condo Hotels in Miami Beach a Good Investment?
The new trend of Condo hotels is gaining momentum in Miami. You can buy a condo hotel and use it for your 5-star vacations. Then, when you are not vacationing, the rental program offered by the hotel will take care of renting out your condo to other tourists, and provide regular upkeep and maintenance, in return for a fee. The profits are yours to keep. As most of these condo hotels are built by 5 star hotel chains like Ritz Carlton or Hyatt, their excellent amenities attract guests throughout the year. You can buy this type of condo hotels with traditional financing or loan options. Miami is an excellent choice for a condo-hotel as this City drawn in celebrity tourists throughout the year. Learn more about condo hotel investment in this article by Condo Ideas.

5 Ways to Invest in Income-producing Real Estate
This Quicken Loans article discusses different types of financing options available for a real estate investor, and provides solid guidance on how to choose the most appropriate financing option for a given types of investment. The diversified or mortgage real estate investment trusts pay dividends from income earned from interest. The crowdfunding is good for investors looking a piece of a big pie. Cash out option is good for a down payment in a rental property. Anytime investors look for multifamily properties with 5 or more units, then that becomes a commercial real estate investment. Read the whole article to learn the financial basics of real estate investing.—A Real Estate Capital Marketplace
Launched in 2013, is a crowdfunding site with mission to connect real estate entrepreneurs and investors through digital platform. The digital real estate market has its own challenges as it offers commercial equity and commercial debt solutions through online application processing methods. This site also offers educational materials, and seeks to transform the way traditional real estate investing is done. This portal has an impressive membership of more than 80,000 real estate investors. Over $220 Million has already been invested through this site, and 65 professionals with proven track records in real estate and technology have joined the team.

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investing As Early As Your 20s
This Financial Avenue article argues in favor of starting real estate investing in the 20s. According to this article, many young investors who succeeded have managed to live off the fruits of their temporary labor the rest of their lives. In other words, they all retired from their work lives by mid 40s. The only drawback of a young starter is lack of proper credit history and the bank loan that any young investor will need. So the investor will really have to work with a bank to get that first loan. You will have to pick a loan with a low interest rate, so that you can make the money work for your investment.

Hotel Business Review
The Hotel Business Review has provided original, time sensitive real estate investment related content for more than 15 years. The topics discussed on this publication usually affect the hotel owners, developers, operators, investors, and executives. The Hotel Business Review publishes best practices literature acquired directly from hotel industry professionals. All the reports published on this site are highly relevant, timely, and authoritative, which makes them credible to the global hospitality segment. Every month, the digital magazine publishes a feature article on an emerging growth market in the hotel industry. It also offers an online archive containing over 3,000 best practice white papers covering all aspects of hotel management and operations. These materials are available to subscribers only.

Opportunities for Hotel Investment in Iran
CMS Law Now published this article in March 2016. According to this article, Iranian hotel industry has rebounded following the lifting of EU sanctions on the condition that Iran continues its limitations on the Nuclear Program. Interestingly, the hotel industry in Iran is untouched by international brands. Currently, the tourism sector contributes to only 2 percent of Iranian GDP. There is potential for growth in this country with a population of around 80 million people. As there are only about 640 hotels throughout Iran, the lifting of EU sanctions has eased business on many sectors including the industries directly related to the hospitality sector will also benefit from the growth of the hotel industry. France, Germany, and Italy have shown interest in dealing with Iran, increasing the chances of international tourism in the country, which in turn will boost the demand for upscale hotels.

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