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10 Tips for Feeding Kids Healthy Food
For parents, mealtimes can be a drag - especially if their children insist on eating high-calorie yet less nutrient-dense foods such as sweets and chips. Parents know that their children need to eat healthy, but most of them do not know how to make their children eat healthy. This article provides tips on how to encourage kids to eat right. One of the tips offered is for parents to be their children’s role models. Kids do what parents do, so parents must model the desired behaviors for their children, such as eating at the table free of gadgets and/or TV, choosing and eating nutritious snacks, and eating on time.

The Quack-Files: Chiro-Links - Chiropractor Resources, Articles & Links
The chiropractic links you will find in the Quack-Files web site are all included from a skeptical point of view. The site even describes chiropractic as being to science what Scientology is to religion. If you want to gather information from critics of this branch medicine, then the Quack-Files definitely delivers. Concerns about neck manipulation is a common issue that is addressed by several sites linked to here. Visitors to this link site will find general skeptical sites that deal with chiropractic care as part of their offerings as well. Chiropractic for children is another issue addressed here. You will also find a glossary of terms.

Kids and Anger: How to Deal
Dealing with an angry child can be difficult for parents because it makes you exhausted and aggravated. Dealing with your child's anger includes first finding out what they feel. Ask them what's happened, what went wrong, or why they are feeling what they feel. They may be able to tell you very clearly, or they may not. But then you can try some of the tips here to help your child understand his or her feelings, and express them in a healthy and safe way.

Round or Square School Cafeteria Tables: Which One is Best?
Check out this interesting answer to the debate about whether round or square cafeteria tables are a better choice for schools who want to encourage students to interact with each other so that no one is left out. The ultimate answer to the question doesn't lie in discussing round or square, but in teaching students the right attitude about having respect for others.

11 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Physically Active
Physical activity is an important component of health. This is why everyone must be physically active - including children. The problem is, children are starting to lead sedentary lives; in fact, they spend about 7 hours a day in front of a screen. The result: 1 of 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese, a condition they could carry until adulthood. The good news is that it is not too late. Parents can help their children be more physically active and therefore healthier by following the tips provided in this article. It is also important to note that physical activity comes hand in hand with healthy eating when it comes to raising healthy and happy kids.

Puppy Training and Care Tips When You Have Kids
It's very common and healthy for kids to have puppies, and this section of has tons of articles about almost everything every puppy owner needs to know. This includes puppy potty training, puppy feeding tips, puppy health care tips, choosing the right vet, how to travel with puppies, and many more. There also articles on how to groom specific kinds of dogs, including the Yorkshire terrier, Golden retrievers, wirehaired dachshunds, and others. Readers will also learn about different types of dogs, such as German shepherd and Great Dane; and how they can choose the right dog for them. There are also tips for families with young children but want to have a puppy at home.

Help for Teens: Stories, Information and Help
This site gives teens recovery stories so they can learn how other teens coped with drug and alcohol abuse. It also offers memorials of teens who died from drug and alcohol abuse. A section called Help for Teens gives teens advice about how to tell if a friend has a drug problem, how drug users can get help, how to talk to a friend about a drug problem, what to do if your friend has a drug problem, why people can’t handle drinking and drugs.

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