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The Power of Healthy Eating
Empower your kids to eat right by educating them as to why they have to eat right, and giving them the tools to do so. This website talks about prevention, giving kids information about being in the kitchen, avoiding eating disorders and determining if they’re overweight; an assessment section talks about how to tell if you have a problem with food or emotional eating; and the taking action section has information about body image and teasing. Featured articles discuss how to deal with picky eaters and what to say to a friend who may have an eating disorder.

Could Your Baby be Lactose Intolerant?
Although it is common for adults and children over four or five to be somewhat intolerant of milk because of the lactose content, most babies are not affected by this popular condition. Still, parents should be aware of kids and how they react to dairy products. If they get loose stools and stomach pains after drinking milk, you should consult a doctor. And if your breastfed baby is unsettled with lots of watery or frothy stools, you should also check with your doctor to see if the child may have a milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

Keeping Your Children Healthy
All parents strive to keep their children healthy, and the Internet is a great tool to make sure you stay updated on the latest health news that affects your child’s health. This site includes a children’s health library with information on ADHD, childhood cancer, childhood and teen mental health, common kid illnesses, infant safety, child and teen safety. A section of child health headlines is also included, as is information on how to get a free e-newsletter filled with valuable tips.

Everything You Need to Know About What a Chiropractor Does at eHow Chiropractic
The eHow site has over 140 articles dealing with chiropractic topics. If you are curious about the side effects of chiropractic care, how much treatments should cost, or whether children should be treated by these health care professionals, you have come to the right place. If you are considering becoming a chiropractor, you can get valuable information about choosing a school, the requirements for getting a license, and more. The steps involved in performing different types of adjustments are covered, along with tips for conquering your fear of going to see a chiropractor. Content is grouped into How To's, How Does, Facts, and About for ease of use.

Understanding Physical Development in Young Children
This information piece by North Dakota State University discusses the important role of physical abilities in a child's life and how these abilities progress with the growth of the child. The concept of physical development includes two major categories. Normative development concerns normal capabilities and limitations of children within a given age and cultural group and indicates a range for a given time. Dynamic development concerns the sequence and physical changes in all aspects of a child's functioning over time with experience. The goal in understanding this information is to know what a child should be able to do physically at different ages, and how best to direct a child for healthy development.

Sports Nutrition for Kids
Parents whose kids are into sports have a responsibility to give their kids the right kind of foods. Such foods will help the children perform well in their chosen sport. In this article from Super Healthy Kids, a parent asks for snack ideas she could give her son who has track practice in the afternoon after school - what kind of snack should she make for her son in order to satisfy his hunger and still supply the nutrients he needs? Suggested pre-event snack ideas include cold cereal with bananas and milk plus jam on toast and water; toast, scrambled eggs, and fruit; and oatmeal with honey, fruit, and nuts. During events, kids can snack on fruits, crackers or granola bars.

Serving Nutrition to Kids on a Budget Challenging to School Cafeteria Staff
When it comes to children and nutrition, cafeteria managers try to offer healthy choices, but kids may not always like what they are being offered at the lunchroom table. This blog post points out that getting to children when they are in primary grades is key to their wanting to continue eating well as they move into middle and high school. Find out how a school cafeteria in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has responded to the challenge of trying to offer nutritious school cafeteria meals on a limited budget.

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Health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of—a blessing that money cannot buy.

—Izaak Walton (1593–1683)

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