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Specific Garden Types (01)

The Patio Garden
On this online showcase, Jill Homer writes an informative article titled, Turn Your Patio Into a Vegetable Garden. Jill talks about condo life and how her only connection to the outdoors was a small porch where she decided create a garden. She discusses what plants make good patio plants and then offers eight tips for people who want to create a patio vegetable garden. Other features on the site include housecleaning tips, porch swings, building a waterfall, log furniture and working with a contractor. If you follow Jill's tips, you too could have a beautiful porch garden that brings color to your place.

What Are Bonsai?
This page, written by Brent Walston, contains beginner's information about Bonsai. You'll learn what it is, how to grow it, and how to care for it? For instances, maybe you didn't know that bonsai are not house plants. They usually must grow outdoors all year long. Bonsai are carefully trained to achieve their unique shapes. The recommended method of watering will help prevent a salt buildup in the soil. Once you read the information on this page, you can move on to the next article, A Beginner's First Bonsai. There are many other articles and images on the site to check out. You can also check out the plant and tool catalog.

Japanese Gardens on Asia Welcome
This website dedicated to the art and culture of Japan proves an excellent section, with luscious photographs, on Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are serene and beautiful and provide joy to a lot of people. Typical Japanese gardens include water, bridges, statues, stones or lanterns. The site explains that Japanese gardens focus on nature entwined with dignity and grace. This informative online showcase discusses the Karesansui style of Japanese gardens, which means dry landscape, as well as other Japanese garden types. The Tsukiyama garden uses ponds, trees, bridges, hills and stones to create a miniature reproduction of natural scenery. And Chaniwa tea gardens, which are connected with a tea cerremony house are found throughout Japan. This an excellent resource if you are thinking about creating a Japanese garden, or just want to learn more about them.

Brighten Up Your Garden with Fire Pots
YouTube is the place to go online when you want to check out videos on fire pots. Get decorating tips so that you can use them to beautify your outdoor living space effectively. Videos featuring gel fuel firepots are featured here, and are worth checking out. Several videos tackle the idea of how to position firepots so that they look attractive.

Feng Shui Garden Design Tips
Nowadays Feng Shui has many different applications. Have you ever thought about using Feng Shui in the garden? This section on has articles that will help you create and design your garden with items, colors and natural elements to give it the energy brought by feng shui design, and the more feng shui energy you put into your gardeing, the more healing energy will be contributed to your home energy. ARticles includes such information as the top 10 garden decor products for feng shui garden design, and feng shui design for adding a water feature to your garden. Most of the tips are simple and useful, such as "have a clear walkway to your door", "add a water fountain," or "create a herb garden."

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