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Specific Garden Types (01)

Canadian Gardening
Canadian Gardening Magazine provides a guide to great gardening ideas, news and fascinating facts. The Garden Talk section is a forum that lets you chat with others about gardening. Ask for help, offer assistance or just swap stories in this forum. This site also features GardenNet, which offers quick and easy access to many garden websites. The gardeners' exchange is a classified ad section. You'll find information about garden clubs and you can log in a see what this month's featured site is. You might also find a gardening with kids section useful. This magazine site is overflowing with garden information.

Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips
The Family Handyman provides a bevy of lawn and garden resources to assist you in gardening or landscaping. Learn about pest control, indoor herb gardens and watering strategies. Other topics covered include: structures and paths, bulbs and flowers, edibles, container gardens, garden basics, and houseplants. There is a useful "ask the expert" column and an article index. Their garden store will help you find that perfect gardening tool you have been looking for.

Gardening Secrets from the UK
At first glance, this informative website might look overwhelming, but it serves as a great tool for beginning and advanced gardeners. The homepage features a gardeners diary, which contains suggestions and tips for the month. In the top left hand corner, a "seeds to plant now" column features indoor or oudoor plants that should be planted at that particular time. Flower and garden shows & events are also listed on the first page. Dig deeper and you'll find tips, projects, pruning, pests & diseases, and gallery sections.

Growing Herbs in the Home Garden
This garden site features information on herbs. The history of herbs is covered, along with the definition, number, and types of herbs available; culinary herbs, aromatic herbs, ornamental herbs, medicinal herbs, herb types, herbs for beginning gardeners, outdoor herb culture tips, herb garden size, site and soil conditions, sowing herb seed, cutting and division, harvesting herbs, winter protection, indoor herb gardening, drying herbs, among many other helpful topics. This is the one-stop-show for everything and anything about herbs.

Regenegade Gardener
Renegade Gardner bills itself as the best site for gardeners living in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and other states and Canadian Provinces banished to the forgotten USDA Hardiness Zones 2 through 4. This informative website will provide information on services, products and assistance geared toward the unique needs of northern gardeners. Check out the plant spotlight, the myth of the week, landscape design, plant care or other resources. Or find out about the 10 Tenets of Renegade Gardening.

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