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Do-it-youself Lighting Projects

21 DIY Lamps & Chandeliers You Can Create From Everyday Objects
DIY projects are becoming more and more popular these days, which is a good thing. Not only do these projects allow for creativity; they also help in reducing, reusing and recycling, which helps us lessen our waste imprint. This BoredPanda article features 21 DIY chandeliers and lamps you can try your hand at. These projects are cheap, attractive and fun to do, especially if you are the crafting type. While the step-by-step tutorials are not included in the feature, the photos provide enough ideas for adventurous crafters who want to take on the task. Go on, you can surely try your hand at making a plastic spoon lamp, a cool recycled tetra box lamp, a drum chandelier, or even a carved calabash lamp.

Designing a Home Lighting Plan
Lighting is one of the most important aspects in a home; it is also the most overlooked part. We turn lights on and off with nary a thought, but without them, we would not be able to work or do what needs to be done around the house. In this article from HGTV, Jill Connors gives a brief history of lighting - from animal oil lamps to today’s LED lights - and provides a link to HGTV’s Planning Guide to Lighting. The guide is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to embark on a lighting design project - from setting goals, gathering ideas for lighting schemes, down to the selection of lighting fixtures that one can use.

The Lighting Research Center: Advancing the Effective Use of Light for Society and the Environment
This homepage for the Lighting Research Center is divided into three sections: LRC Programs, Research Topics, and Education. The LRC Programs section offers detailed information about the different projects on which the LRC is currently working. Current projects include: Light and Health; Lighting Futures; Lighting Metrics, Lighting Transformations; and Outreach Education. The Research section of the site offers comprehensive information about the different research projects that are currently taking place at the LRC. Many of the reports are available for free in a downloadable .pdf format. Current research subjects include ballasts, controls, daylighting, lamps, architectural, commercial, institutional, residential, outdoor, and security lighting. The Education section of the site details the country's first and only university-accredited program leading to a master of science in lighting. Topics in the Education section include information about the graduate program; admissions and financial aid information; student life and alumni information; lighting seminars; and their online education program.

Budgeting a Home Lighting Project
If you are planning a lighting renovating project, one of your first considerations would be the budget. Just how much are you required to shell out? There is no specific answer. If you are doing minor lighting upgrades, you can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $100, especially if you are going to do the installation yourself. Or, you might want to splurge a bit and buy yourself some vintage lighting fixtures which could cost around $500. If you are doing a major upgrade, it would be difficult to tell just how much you need to save. Your best bet is to work with a professional lighting designer who would give you all the information you need.

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