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Area Rug Collecting (02)

Dangers of Rug Collecting
This article originally appeared in Oriental Rug Review Vol VI, No. 10 (January, 1987). The author discusses the passionate pursuit of objects of artistic significance, are dangers of a more existential nature. There is a rule of thumb in rug collecting circles, according to the article, that the more you understand about rugs, the less you know. That's only the beginner collector who speaks with any assurance about rugs, the article says. Its a good look at the attitudes that can shape the rug-collecting industry.

Jacobsen's Guide to Oriental Rugs and Carpets
Provided by a rug merchant, this is an excellent top-line guide to oriental rugs from Afghanistan, the Caucasus, China, India, Nepal and Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Provides links and information on how the rugs are made, how to select the correct size, and a lot of other tidbits such as how to tell if your rug is really silk.

Afghan War Rugs: If it Walks Like a Duck...
This article titled Afghan War Rugs: If It Walks Like a Duck... by J. Barry O'Connell, Jr. is about a subgroup of Afghan war rugs that does not fit the parameters of what is expected from an Afghan rug. Thus the duck metaphor: The problem is that every so often it is not a duck and calling it one does not make it so, says the author. He looks as various Afghan war rugs and analyzes them. He said the easiest way to tackle the issue was to develop a thorough set of criteria and apply it to a large sample, and then each war rug should fall into a traditional weaving group. So he provides the criteri, based on knots, warps, wefts, pile, size, selvage, ends, pile depth, colors, quality and condition. It's a very detailed and informative article on the subject.

Articles on Baluch Rugs
Antique rugs and textiles dealer Thomas Color publishes a page of articles on Baluch Rugs, some of them written by him. They include an interview with Jeremy Wood-Anderson, a legendary expert on these rugs who has lived among the tribes in Baluchistan, Sistan, Khorasan and Afghanistan and collects for Western museums; pile rugs of the Baluch and their neighbors; a special Baluch tribal rug from Chakhansur now at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; Baluch aesthetics, the ethnographic information that is the common thread in the technique and craft of the weave; Baluch rugs in the Victoria & Albert Museum; prayer rugs of the Timuri and their neighbors; Yacub Khani and Dokhtar-I-Gazi Baluch rugs (two Timuri related groups); a discussion of rugs made in the Baluch style; and the relationship of Baluch weavings to an earlier Anatolian model.

Hali Fair Rug Event
This is the homepage for the Hali Fair, which took place in London during 2005. The fair is the leading international carpet and textile art event. It occurs over eleven days alongside the Olympia Summer Fine Art and Antiques Fair, where over 300 international dealers exhibit to an audience of circa 35,000+ discerning collectors, institutional and private buyers and art lovers from across the globe. In 2005, the fair moved to the ground floor of the Olympia National Hall.

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