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Interview with a Rug Collector
People who collect Turkoman rugs are irreverently referred to by other rug collectors as Turkomaniacs. Essentially a phenomenom which emerged in the ‘50s, Turkoman rug collecting was at the core of tribal rug interest. Ned, who is 60, was educated as a scientist and has a Ph. D. In biology. Employed in industry most of his life, he is presently self-employed as an environmental (pure water) consultant. His interest in Oriental rugs dates March, 1972 when he inherited three rugs -- a roomsize 1930s Kirman, a Sarouk, and a Hamadan. With these three rugs, he and his wife Joan purchased another rug and vissited local rug dealers, mostly department stores and small dealers. Within a few weeks they settled on a 1930s "American", ivory ground Sarouk and a new 3x5 Mir Sarouk. Since then, he's been an avid rug collector. Some of his rugs are shown in this interview.

Persian and Oriental Rugs
This is a website by Barry O’Connell, who is an expert on Persian and Oriental rugs and gives appraisals in 14 states. On this site he publishes the O'Connell Guide to Persian Rugs. He makes the point that there are more than ten thousand towns and villages in Iran that product Persian rugs, and he is collecting dawta so he can create area guides for specific types of rugs. If a rug is not woven in Iran, than it is not a Persian rug, but a copy, he says. This site takes time to focus on rug-makers, with articles and photographs of how they create their crafts. There are sections on Mazlaghan, Mood, Nahavend, Heriz, Isfahan, Enjelas, Arak rugs and much, much more. Other sections include Turkish rugs, Uzbek rugs, Baluch rugs and more. Noted on the homepage are several links to oriental rug cleaners and restorers in varios locations.

The Seattle Textile and Rug Society
The Seattle Textile and Rug Society is also known as STARS, and the group is dedicated to the appreciation of fine rugs and textiles for those in the Puget Sound area. Through meetings, speakers, newsletters, and exhibitions, STARS provides its members an opportunity to learn and to share their interest in the world of carpets, textiles and the related arts. Anyone interest in studying, collecting, preserving or decorating with textiles and rugs will enjoy being a member of STARS. Group has had forums about textiles and costumes in urban Morocco, Tsutsugaki, Thai textiles, Shahsavan weaving and Kutch embroidery, to name a few.

New England Rug Society
The New England Rug Society is an informal organization of people interested in enriching their knowledge and appreciation of antique oriental rugs and ethnographic textiles. Founded in 1985 as the New Boston Rug Society, it has since grown to more than 170 members from throughout New England who share a common love of the traditional creative textile arts. NERS members gather six to eight times each year at informal meetings that usually feature an outside speaker and focus on a particular theme related to the rug field. All participants are encouraged to bring rugs and textiles to the meetings for discussion and comment. Meetings are held in various locations depending on the subject, including public meeting facilities, museums, local rug dealerships and auction houses, and other appropriate venues. Light refreshments accompany each gathering. Site includes rug resources, newsletter, links and meeting information.

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