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Game Tables (e.g., Foosball, Pool, Air Hockey)

Foosball Heaven
This foosball resource site is a little outdated, but still offers a foosball FAQ, information about tournaments, foosball merchandise, virtual reality for foosball, informative videos, links to organizations and a forum for foosball fans to connect. Links to other foosball websites are also available.

Table Tennis
From, the free encyclopedia site, comes this description of the game of table tennis. They note that the name Ping-Pong is also commonly used, but is trademarked. This web page includes a general description of the history and rules of what it describes as the second most played game in the world. The equipment and standard dimensions of the table tennis table are covered, as well as rules for games and game play, standards of competition, standard weights and dimensions of table tennis balls, etc. There are also links to sites for the International Table Tennis Federation, USA Table Tennis, English Table Tennis Association, and the Canadian Table Tennis Association.

Air Hockey Tables
Learn everything about air hockey tables, specifically choosing the right air hockey table. This informative article begins with a brief air hockey history interlude about Bob Lemieux, who dreamed up the sport of air-hockey in the USA in November 1972, for billiards manufacturers Brunswick. A wide variety of hockey table brands are available with photos and links to retailers.

Ping Pong Book
Author Jerome Charyn chronicles the history of ping pong through an inside view of the people who love to play it in Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins. While many have played a casual game of ping pong now and then, still more take the game very seriously. Charyn describes his own passion for the game in the United States and France as well as detailing the lives and playing styles of ping pong stars such as Marty Reisman and Dick Miles. He moves fluidly back and forth through time to describe competitions past and present, chart the careers of major players and portray the passion for the sport in the rest of the world. This website has a detailed review of the ping pong book.

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