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Top 10 Cycling Training Tips
If you are a beginner in cycling and you want to improve your performance, check these ten cycling training tips. This includes the list of equipment and tools you need, how to have a good health condition, how to set up your bike correctly, and many more. Among the protective gears you need are bike helmet and bike sunglasses. To keep you healthy, this includes drinking the right amount of water during cycling breaks. You should also perform some physical exercises such as leg presses, weighted squats, tricep presses, and some back exercises.

Mountain Bike Trail Maps and Information
Are you ready to embark on the mountain bike ride of your life? Then you will greatly benefit from the MTB Project, which features next-generation mountain biking trail maps and information. But that isn’t all there is to the website. You can also find a lot of interesting and helpful articles that will educate and further inspire you to continue loving what you do. There’s the Co-Op Journal section that contains news and feature articles on mountain biking and related topics, the REI garage that provides great deals on biking gear and paraphernalia, an expert advice section, and a link to a forum where mountain biking enthusiasts come together to talk about trail condition, riding apps, and more.

Buying the Right Bike for You
This article on the gives you everything you need to know about buying just about any kind of bike. It covers mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid and alternative bikes. It includes a bikie-sizing chart, and an article on Fitting a Bike, which is about the adjustments you can make to maximize your comfort. There is also an article on Must-Have Gear and Accessories for Commuters. Some for good advice is offered for being a smart shopper for a bike, such first borrowing the kind of bike you think you want to make it really is what you want. The author cautions against the temptation to go cheap because like everything else, you get what you pay for and you won't be happy over the long run because a bike is heavy and the components won't last long if they are not high quality.

Bike Parts: The Basics
Looking for basic bike part information? This site will be useful for serious cyclers. Includes information on bike parts such as the aerobar, lighting, spare spokes, altimeter, compass, cycling computer, pump, saddles, panniers, bicycle racks and other tools that are used in biking, such as a spoke wrench, chain pliers, tire levers and Teflon oil. Repairing a bike? This is a great place to get information on the parts and components that will affect your ride.

MBUK: Mountain Biking UK
Mountain Biking UK is a magazine created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Produced and published by Immediate Media Company Ltd., MTB features interesting articles about the best mountain biking trails, mountain bike repair and maintenance, the newest in mountain bikes and gear, and stories that will inspire cyclist and off-trail riders to go out and bike some more. MBUK is truly the British mountain biker’s helpful companion, as it provides information on mountain biking races and events, reviews of bike trails, fascinating videos about the sport, insights into trail building and maintenance, and a whole lot more.

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