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How You Can Lose Weight While Cycling
Losing weight though cycling is not as easy as it looks, but triathlete and certified personal trainer Selene Yeager has some tips to make it easier. According to her, a recent study showed that spinning the pedals for 20 minutes before breakfast can burn fat better. She also recommends sprinting down the street, wearing of fitted pants while cycling, and one hour of off-road biking. You can also try a 10-minute climb on a hill in alternate standing and sitting on your bike, or just be a regular bike commuter. For eating while cycling, Selene has some suggestions too.

The Hub for Mountain Bikers
Mountain biking amateurs and pros, unite! This site features all sorts of mountain biking information, from useful forums where you can meet other mountain bikers, to a photo gallery where you can share shots of the dirt or your bike. A section on mountain biking gatherings and races is included, as is a news section to learn the latest in mountain bike happenings. A section on mountain bicycling product reviews will give mountain bikers reviews on top mountain biking products to help them determine if they want to buy them or not. You can even review trails in your area, and also connect with bike shops in your area!

Diagnosing and Preventing Chain-Suck in Bikes
This article explores chain-suck, which happens when pedals lock solid and the biker comes to a stop and then falls over the bike. It can be difficult to get rid of, and also damaging to the bike frame and drive-train components. This happens when there is mud of wet grit on the chain and cogs, or when gear changes occur on the front chain rigs. This article delves into the mechanics of chain-suck, with diagrams and more. There are two remedies for this, including ensuring that tooth pressure-faces are suitably shaped to disengage, even if loaded; and to disengage the bottom teeth that are not subjected to chain load as much. Read on for more to improve your biking.

Reasons to Love Mountain Biking
To the uninitiated, mountain biking seems to be a very difficult sport. But this should not faze those who want to get into mountain biking, a sport that involves riding a bicycle off-road. This means riding over rough terrain with the use of bicycles specially designed for such purpose. Mountain biking comes in different categories that suit different kinds of riders. Categories include cross-country, downhill, four cross, trail riding, freeride, dirt jumping, and all mountain. This resource from British Cycling offers all the things one needs to know about mountain biking, such as venues, events, bikes, kits and clothing, and a whole lot more.

Bike Repair and Maintenance
Whether you’re an avid pro-type biker, or you just want to fix your bike or your child’s bike, this site has information to help you repair and maintain your bike. Many people do their own repairs when possible to save money on costly pro bike shop repairs. When you click the Repair and Maintenance link, you can go to various categories, which give articles and instruction for repairing and maintaining the various bicycle parts. Sections include: bicycle frame and fork, bike headset and bottom bracket, bike wheels, bicycle drive train, derailleurs, shifters, cockpit, brakes and other bike parts. A great place to go when you want to find out how to repair a bike.

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